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LEGO® Education Taps Into Natural Curiosity to Inspire Students to Rebuild the World

As a teacher, I know how important hands-on learning can be in building confidence with my students, which is why I am so excited about the LEGO® Education campaign Rebuild The World. It is all about tapping into kids’ natural curiosity and allowing them to build, unbuild and then rebuild. We need to encourage them to make mistakes, try again and learn. I was able to put this theory to the test with the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set. This thing is blowing my mind!  Coding, building, problem-solving – SPIKE Prime is a teacher’s dream come true.  My favorite part is all of the lesson plans and the amount of different projects students can choose from to build and code.  SPIKE Prime has 34 different projects that students can choose from all with varying difficulty levels.  From getting students started with coding to challenging students and growing their confidence, SPIKE Prime is a great tool to get your students engaged in problem-solving.  

LEGO Education wants to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, enabling every student to succeed through creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning. The Rebuild The World campaign puts a spotlight on the fact that we know our students never see anything as beyond repair and have a natural creative resilience and ability to make the world brighter. LEGO Education’s learning solutions are teaching kids that, even if something doesn’t work the first time, they can always rebuild and repair it, creating the next generation of learners and builders to tackle the world’s challenges. Growing our students’ confidence is an important skill to develop to help them as they tackle real world problems. LEGO Education’s play-based learning solutions help students develop the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and creative skills they need to rebuild the world.

Getting my students engaged with SPIKE Prime provided an opportunity to get them hands-on and building their confidence in learning. The kit comes with a bin that includes labels to sort all of the bricks for easy cleanup and organization in your classroom. As a teacher, I was excited to see the extra pieces that come with this set in case they’re misplaced in your classroom. SPIKE Prime comes with a software download that allows you as a teacher to access unit plans and building instructions for your students. Students troubleshoot coding and learn the basics as they program SPIKE Prime to perform different commands.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a way to get your students engaged at home or a teacher wanting to spice up your STEAM game, this is the ticket. SPIKE Prime has endless opportunities to get your students engaged and excited about STEAM. I cannot wait to be able to use this with my students and see their creativity shine as they start exploring all that SPIKE Prime has to offer.

For more inspiration on building student confidence and resilience visit LEGO Education Rebuild The World:

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