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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is the latest addition to LEGO Education’s line of STEAM solutions.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is designed for K-8 and the BricQ Motion Prime Set is specifically designed for grades 6-8. This is the perfect tech-free tool to introduce students to STEAM learning through a learning experience that builds their confidence by exploring physical science with LEGO bricks and sports-themed lessons. Since it does not require the use of technology or coding experience, BricQ Motion makes it easy to seamlessly integrate into your existing curriculum. This set offers action-packed lesson plans that meet core science standards across grades, fosters creativity, and develops engineering and math skills. What I really like about BricQ Motion is it provides students and teachers a learning experience that will let you disconnect from your devices and learn physical science concepts in a hands-on approach. Let’s dive into it.

The BricQ Motion set comes with lesson plans and assessment tools with differentiated instruction provided for each lesson. The 7-8 lessons included each have 45 minute open-ended projects with extensions for language, arts, and math. I really love this set! Whether you teach science or other subjects, this is a great cross-curricular tool that will get your students engaged.

I explored the “Gymnast” lesson and what the lesson entails. During this lesson, students will explore the motion of a gymnast on wheels and explain how it demonstrates Newton’s three laws of motion. Students begin with a whole class video introducing them to the lesson then discuss which force is required to make a gymnast swing on a horizontal bar. This real world scenario provides the perfect introduction to get students engaged before they begin constructing their own Gymnast model.

Students work in small groups to build the model. Once constructed, they will conduct three experiments that explore Newton’s three laws of motion first-hand. These three experiments allow students to make predictions, explore their understanding, and challenge their critical thinking skills. After students complete the experiments, the lesson concludes with a class discussion and comprehension questions to reflect on what was learned. This lesson also provides opportunities for differentiated instruction, hybrid learning resources, and extensions for a math activity that ties directly into this lesson.

The color coded bins, the lessons, and the fact that it does not require technology are huge positives here and make hands-on learning accessible to more teachers and students.

BricQ Motion actively reinforces STEAM learning among elementary and middle school students as they experiment with forces, motion, and interactions in the fun context of sports. With the real-world theme of sports, I know my students will be more engaged because it’s a topic area many of them are interested in outside of the classroom. To learn more about BricQ Motion, head to

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1 Comment

Evonne Hackett
Evonne Hackett
Jan 05, 2021

I need some of these to go with my SPIKE Prime sets. -- Read about them today.

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