Every single day in my classroom, we begin class with a warm-up. Some people call this a bell-ringer or do now, I happen to call them warm-ups. Warm-ups are something that I firmly believe in, especially in a middle school classroom. These daily routines help ease transitions in a middle school where it can otherwise be chaotic. I have a question ready on my smart-board every day as students enter my classroom. On Mondays (or the first day of the school week), students grab a new warm-ups weekly worksheet. They write down the question on the corresponding day of the week and then work to answer the question. Students can use their textbook, their brains, their notes, but not their neighbor. We keep this in our binder throughout the week and students turn these in on Fridays, which serves as a daily grade. I also print “This Week at a Glance” on the back side of the warm-ups weekly worksheet for students to write down our daily assignments and important reminders. I have included these two sheets with many different font types so that you can choose your favorite and change it up whenever you want to. They are all identical in format, except for font type.


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1 PDF File

Instructions on How I Implement This Myself

Warm-Ups Worksheets and This Week at a Glance in 12 Different Fonts

Warm Ups Weekly Worksheets (With Weekly Agenda + 12 Font Formats)