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This year, I decided to create my own Valentine's Day cards that I could update each year. I designed Valentine’s Day—themed cards, as well as sports-themed cards. With this product, you will receive these files in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and a PDF so you can use your preferred version. I included my template as well in case you want to create your own versions. I used card stock to print these cards so the ink did not bleed through. I printed one side of the card and then turned it over and printed on the back side so each card is two sided. There are a total of 30 Valentine's Day cards included in this set as well as 12 digital Valentine's Day cards that you can download as a PNG and share with your students. I have included a short tutorial video on the next slide showing you how I made these and printed them.


Included with This Product:

30 Valentine's Day Cards (Valentine's and Sports Themed)

12 Digital Valentine's Day Cards

1 PowerPoint File

1 PDF File

1 Google Slides File

Valentine's Day Cards (Digital and Print Versions)

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