Thank you for purchasing my Prokaryotes/Eukaryotes PowerPoint and Notes! These animated PowerPoint notes go over:

· cells

· cell theory

· the characteristics of prokaryotes

· the characteristics of eukaryotes

Included with this product, you have received animated PowerPoint notes along with the student notes they can fill in as you teach this lesson and a teacher answer key.The PowerPoint slides include fonts and clipart I have purchased and in order to secure those they have been saved as images.This will allow you to see them in your PowerPoint as they appear for me; however, because of this the slides are not editable.You are welcome to delete any slides you do not need, but the text itself is saved as an image.


Included with This Product:

1 PowerPoint File

1 Microsoft Word Student Notes File

1 PDF File

1 Teacher Answer Key

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes PowerPoint and Student Notes