This product now includes both digital (Google Slides) and non-digital versions! You can either print this activity or assign the Google Slides wherever you post your lessons! Each year, as I return from winter break I have my students set goals and envision how they want their new year to be. This activity set has a time capsule for 2020, a vision board for 2021, and different activities to get your students starting off the new year right! 


Included in This Product:

1 Google Slides Set (Includes Creative Writing Prompt)

1 Wheel of Names Scavenger Hunt Game

1 PDF File

1 2019 Time Capsule

1 2020 Vision Board (2 Options)

1 Goal Setting and #oneword Activity Sheet

2 Additional 2020 Activity Sheets

2 NEW 2020 Time Capsule Sheets

New Year Activity Set: Digital (Google Slides) and Non-Digital Versions Included