In this Metric System Measurement Lab, students will rotate through 3 to 6 hands-on lab stations. This lab is intended as a one or two day 50-minute lab activity and includes both options to make it fit the needs of your classroom. In the one day lab students will complete 3 lab stations recording mass, volume, and length measurements. In the two-day lab option, students will complete 6 lab stations recording mass, volume, and length measurements (3 stations per day). Students will record measurements using the metric system and compare and contrast our American measurement system with the metric system used in science and around the world. Students will be making measurements that measure mass, volume, and length. 


Included with this product:

Microsoft Word Document

PDF File

Teacher Setup Instructions

Teacher Setup Checklist

6 Lab Measurement Stations

1 and 2 Day Lab Versions

Signs and Instructions for Each Station

A Student Lab Recording Sheet

Metric System Measurement Lab