Your students are going to absolutely love this 100% ALL DIGITAL escape room and I know you will too! In the 100% digital version, students will receive a YouTube timer and a Google Doc with all of their escape room clues. Students will also receive a help page that explains genotypes, phenotypes, probabilities, and more! No prep or setup is required for the teacher--simply copy the link and post into Google Classroom! This is designed to be used for digital and distance learning.


In addition to the 100% digital version, this also comes with a version that is meant for use in a classrooms setting that's mostly digital. I have always been a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have always wanted to find a fun and engaging way to bring all of that magic into my classroom. This product is designed to assess students’ knowledge of genetics and heredity. Hogwarts Heredity is an engaging group or individual activity that will help you assess your students’ ability to use a Punnett Square. Students will use their knowledge of genetics and heredity to predict genotypes, phenotypes, probabilities and ratios. This digital escape room uses Google Forms and Google Classroom. Students must work fast to break open six locks and save Hogwarts from the dementors in thirty minutes (or longer if they need extended time)! I am including written instructions with everything you will need to know to set up this activity and to assist your students if they require hints to break out. 


Included with This Product

Digital Escape Room Files (Designed for Digital/Distance Learning):

1 100% ALL DIGITAL Google Form Escape File

1 Teacher Answer Key

1 Student Help and Clues Google Doc

1 PDF File with Teacher Instructions


Mostly Digital Files Included (Designed for In Class Use):

1 Google Form file you will use for the digital escape. 

1 Teacher Answer Key

1 PDF File showing how each question is worked out for each lock. 

1 Microsoft Word File with teacher instructions.

1 PDF File

1 Student Help Sheet (Optional)

1 Reusable Punnett Square Worksheet

1 House Prefect Sign (Optional)

Hogwarts Heredity: A Harry Potter Themed Escape Room (Digital and Non-Digital)