October is my favorite month of the year and I LOVE anything and everything to do with Halloween! This fun game is intended to be a brain break, a community builder, and something fun to do to get in the Halloween spirit. I created a digital and non-digital version. For the non-digital version, I printed a set of these for each group/table in my class and split each table into two teams. The teams had two-minute rounds to name as many Halloween terms as they could with the help of their teammates. They were allowed to pass only one card per round if they could not name it. If their teammates accidentally said the word itself, they lost one point. At the end of the round, they added together their points and recorded it on the score board. Then, the opposing team played a round. We played as many rounds as time permitted and the winning team was the team with the most points at the end (use the score card to keep score). Laminating the cards allows you to reuse these and also to wipe them down after each round with a Clorox wipe. For the digital version, students will use the Google Forms and play rounds in teams. The Google Forms are labelled Team 1 and Team 2 and Round 1 and Round 2. The Google Form will keep their score for them and they will simply deduct their penalty points from their score. If they want to play additional rounds they can swap team numbers and play again. 


Included in This Product:

1 PDF File w/ Printable Version

4 Google Forms for Digital Use

Halloween Headbanz (Digital and Non-Digital Versions Included)