I am creating ALL DIGITAL products to be used for distance learning that are 100% digital. This activity is designed for Google Classroom and utilizes Google Forms and Google Docs. The vocabulary review is a Google Form that can be posted in Google Classroom and will assess your students’ knowledge of key vocabulary terms. It includes 20 genetics and heredity vocabulary terms that students must identify using a multiple choice selection. The Google Form answer options are not labelled A,B,C,D because the answer options are shuffled for each student. This ensures the answers cannot be shared and each student receives a different version. However, the Google Form still knows the correct answers and grades it accordingly. The Google Form is auto-graded and you will be able to view student’s responses and grades in the Google Form when they have completed it. If you would like to have your students make corrections for each vocabulary term they missed, attach the student corrections Google Doc to the assignment itself and select “make a copy for each student.” Students can then correct (using Google) and input the correct answer for the vocabulary terms they missed in the document.


Included in This Product:

1 Google Form File

1 Google Doc Student Correction Worksheet

1 PDF File

Auto Graded

Answer Key in Google Forms (Answer Selections)

Genetics and Heredity 100% Digital Vocabulary Activity (For Google Classroom)