Escape the Water Cycle now has a 100% digital version that can be used for digital learning and posted directly into Google Classroom! In the 100% digital version, students will receive a YouTube timer and a Google Doc with all of their escape room clues. No prep or setup is required for the teacher--simply copy the link and post into Google Classroom! For the 100% digital version, there is only one difficulty level. For the one designed for classroom use, there are two difficulty levels. 


This product is designed to assess students’ knowledge of the stages of the water cycle and hydrology. They must work together to break open three locks to escape the water cycle in thirty minutes! There are two Google Forms, both with different difficulty levels. Because this standard is taught in both middle and elementary grade levels, I created two difficulty levels. They are the same escape room, but adapted for varying difficulty. I am labeling the Google Forms “Easier” and “Difficult.” Depending on your students, you can choose between the two levels of difficulty. 


Hydrology and Water Cycle Terms Reviewed in This Product:

Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Snowmelt Runoff, Transpiration, Runoff, Water Table, Groundwater Flow, Heat, Percolation, and H20/Water


Included In This Product:

1 100% ALL DIGITAL Google Form File (Designed for Digital/Distance Learning)

2 Google Form Files (2 Difficulty Levels Designed for In Class Use)

A NON-Digital Escape Room Supplement File 

A Teacher Answer Key

1 PDF File (Color and Black and White Printing Versions)

Escape the Water Cycle: 100% Digital AND Non-Digital Versions Included