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This year I wanted to create a fun and spooky Halloween-themed digital escape room. Your students are going to absolutely love this spooky Halloween activity and I know you will too! This product is a Halloween themed escape room that will assess your students’ basic math skills. The math included in this escape room is basic multiplication, addition, subtraction and basic division.


This also now includes TWO EDITABLE VERSIONS. You can create your own escape room by simply inserting your questions and answers and this comes with a step by step setup guide and YouTube tutorial. Make a math version or create one that's intended for all other subjects. It is totally editable.


They must work fast to break open locks to Escape the Haunted House in thirty minutes (or can work at their own pace using extended time). Students will be assigned the Escape the Haunted House Google Form. This includes the student intro video, the locks they will have to solve, a Halloween themed YouTube timer, and a Google Slides student clue file. This is a 100% digital resource.


Included with This Product:

1 YouTube Teacher Guide Video

1 YouTube Editable Setup Guide

1 Google Form Escape the Haunted House File

2 Editable Google Form Files

1 Editable PowerPoint File

1 Google Slides Haunted House Student Clues

1 YouTube Timer

1 Student Intro Video

1 PDF Instructions File with Teacher Answer Key

Escape the Haunted House: 100% Digital Escape Room (Includes Editable Versions)

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