Escape the ecosystem now has a 100% digital version that can be used for digital learning and posted directly into Google Classroom. In the 100% digital version, students will receive a YouTube timer and a Google Doc with all of their escape room clues. No prep or setup is required for the teacher--simply copy the link and post into Google Classroom!


This four-lock escape room will test students' knowledge of symbiotic relationships, their ability to interpret food webs, and the five levels of environmental organization. Whether you use the Google Forms 100% digital format, or the hard copy non-digital format, your students will have a blast! This is a great way to assess their knowledge and have fun in the process. 


Terms Reviewed in This Product:

Symbiotic Relationships, Mutualism, Parasitism, Commensalism, Food Web, Food Chain, Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer, Tertiary Consumer, Predator, Prey, Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biosphere, Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore, Producer, Consumer, and Decomposer


Included in this Product:

1 Google Forms Escape File (100% Digital Version)

1 Google Forms Escape File (Digtal and Printed Clues Version)

1 Non-Digital Escape the Ecosystem Supplement PDF File

1 Teacher Answer Key

1 Setup Instructions and Escape Room Reminders

1 Escape the Ecosystem PowerPoint File (Color and Black and White Clipart Included)

1 Escape the Ecosystem PDF File

1 Photo Props PDF File

Escape the Ecosystem: Digital and Non-Digital Versions Included