Students will work in teams to learn where important classroom items are located. With 30 minutes on the clock, teams must work together to read the Google Form clues and decode the riddles to find each location. At each location, students will retrieve a lock combination that will help them unlock the Google Form and move one step closer to escaping the classroom. Students must work in groups and can only send one group member from the team to look for clues around the room. Each time a student retrieves an answer, a new team member must go that has not found an answer. All students are engaged in helping their team decipher the clues and identify the items in the room because only one team will finish first and escape the room in time! 


The Google Form you receive IS editable and comes with 10 pre-written clues and you will also receive 10+ additional clues for other common important classroom items and locations. You can easily copy and paste these into the form and you will be ready to get going! 


Included In This Resource:

Google Form Digital Escape Link

Microsoft Word Document 

PDF File

Teacher Setup Checklist

Teacher Answer Key

Group Lanyards

Answer Clues


Clues Pre-Written for the Following Classroom Items:

Hall/Bathroom Pass, Class Supplies, Band-Aids/First Aid Kit, Lost and Found, Carpet Time, Headphones, Binders/Interactive Notebook, Pencils, Small Groups Table, Cubby/Mailbox, Turn In Basket, Missing/Absent Work, Help Desk, Cleaning Supplies, Art Supplies, Paper Towels/Sanitizing Wipes, Pencil Sharpener, Trash Can, Cleaning Supplies, Smart Board, Word Wall

Escape the Classroom: A Digital Escape Room