Escape the Cell Block now has a 100% digital version that can be used for digital learning and posted directly into Google Classroom! In the 100% digital version, students will receive a YouTube timer and a Google Doc with all of their escape room clues. They will also receive a YouTube sound video to create the escape room vibe. There is also a YouTube video with a message from Sheriff Cook embedded into the escape file they will watch before beginning. No prep or setup is required for the teacher--simply copy the link and post into Google Classroom!


This digital AND non-digital escape room tests students knowledge of cells and cell organelles. Students will have thirty minutes to solve the clues and open the locks to escape the cell block and save Sheriff Cook's life! You will receive a non-digital supplement and a digital version with a Google Form file. In the escape room designed for in class use, your students will work together and use their knowledge of cells and cell organelles to open the locks and solve the clues. This is an excellent activity to assess your students' knowledge and/or review this unit. 


Terms Included in This Product:

DNA, ATP, Cell, Animal Cell, Plant Cell, Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Mitcohondria, Nucleus, Vacuole, Ribosomes, Cytoplasm, Golgi Complex, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Chloroplast


Included in This Product:

1 100% ALL Digital Google Form File (Designed for Digital/Distance Learning)

1 100% Mostly Digital Google Form File (Designed for In Class Use)

PowerPoint File with Video From Sheriff Cook

1 Non-Digital Version

2 PDF Files

Photo-Op Props

Teacher Answer Key

Student Pack Up Instructions


Lesson Time: Approximately 45 Minutes

Escape the Cell Block: Digital and Non-Digital Versions Included