This cell organelles digital quiz is a great way to assess your students' knowledge of cell organelles whether you are teaching face to face or online. This quiz is auto-graded using Google Forms. Students will answer 20 multiple choice questions that assess their ability to identify cell organelles and structures and also identify their functions. Simply post the link to Google Classroom and let the quiz grade itself! This is also a great formative assessment to analyze the data and results to identify reteaching opportunities. 


Terms Assessed in This Digital Assessment:

Nucleus, Mitochondria, Cytoplasm, Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Chloroplast, Vacoule, Ribosome, Golgi Complex, Lysosome, and Endoplasmic Reticulum


Included with This Product:

1 PDF Instructions File

1 Google Form

Cells Organelles Digital Quiz (Auto-Graded Google Form)