This cell organelles digital lesson and activity is 100% digital and is designed to be used for distance learning. This activity is also perfect for classroom use. You could use this as an introductory activity, for re-teaching and remediation, for students who are absent during instruction, etc. This activity is designed for Google Classroom and utilizes Google Forms and YouTube. This assignment is a Google Form that can be posted in Google Classroom (or any platform where you can link resources) and will assess your students’ knowledge of cell organelles, photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The Google Form also has a 25-minute YouTube video I created embedded where I teach students about the differences and similarities between plants and animal cells. The video suggests students for students to take notes as they watch. It is optional for you to have your students take notes, but I created a Google Doc you can add to this assignment in Google Classroom that helps them take notes and points out important terms they should define. After they watch the video, they will answer 20 comprehension questions. The Google Form is auto-graded and you will be able to view student’s responses and grades in the Google Form when they have completed it. There is also a Google Slide Venn diagram included where students can compare and contrast the cell organelles/structures of plant and animal cells. 


Included in This Product:

1 PDF Instructions File

1 25 Minute YouTube Lesson Video Embedded in the Google Form

1 Google Form File (Auto-Graded)

1 Student Notes Google Doc

1 Google Slides Venn Diagram

Cell Organelles Digital Lesson (Video Lesson+Auto-Graded Google Form, Notes+)