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Basketball Madness is a basketball-themed editable digital escape room! Your students are going to absolutely love this basketball-themed digital escape room and I know you will too! I created this editable version that works for all subjects. Simply input your questions and answers into this digital escape room and tailor it to meet your content needs. I have included step-by-step instructions in this download, as well as a step-by-step YouTube tutorial. Your students must work fast to break open locks to Escape the Basketball Madness in thirty minutes and take home the National Championship (or can work at their own pace using extended time). Students will be assigned the Basketball Madness Google Form. This includes the student intro video, the locks they will have to solve, a basketball-themed YouTube timer, and a Google Slides student clue file. This is a 100% digital resource, but can be used online, teaching hybrid, or face to face with the use of technology. There are a total of 6 locks in this digital escape and a total of 18 questions and answers you will input for your content area.


Included with This Product:

1 PDF Instructions File

1 Google Forms Escape Room File

1 Google Slides Student Clues File

1 Basketball Themed YouTube Timer

1 YouTube Teacher Setup Tutorial

Basketball Madness: An Editable Digital Basketball-Themed Escape Room

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